NatSIP Contacts

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Name Position
Rory Cobb Reference Group Member | (VIEW)
David Couch Reference Group Member | (Hamilton Lodge)
Bob Denman NatSIP Associate
Hugh Clench Workstream Lead | Online Training International
Sarah Collinson Workstream Lead
Nicky Ereaut Reference Group Member | (Oxfordshire)
Karen Flanagan Reference Group Member | KCC Liaison
Brian Gale OBE Reference Group Member | (NDCS)
Mark Geraghty Reference Group Member | (Seashell Trust)
Brian Lamb OBE Reference Group Member | NatSIP Scrutineer
Bev Mars NatSIP Associate
Shirley Lucas NatSIP Administrator (Kent County Council)
Martin McLean Workstream Lead
Heather Murdoch Workstream Lead
Ian Noon Workstream Lead
Steve Rose NatSIP Associate | Speech and Language Therapist, Great Ormond Street Hospital
Lindsey Jane Rousseau MBE NatSIP Facilitator
Jackie Salter Workstream Lead
Joyce Sewell-Rutter Workstream Lead | Web Content Editor | Ewing Foundation
Paul Simpson Reference Group Member | (BATOD)
Caireen Sutherland NatSIP Associate | Workstream Lead
Jude Thompson NatSIP Associate | Trainer
Tina Wakefield Workstream Lead
Alison Weaver Chair - NatSIP Reference Group | (Nottingham City Council)
Jacqui Webber-Gant Workstream Lead | OLT International
Steve J NatSIP Web Techie