Launched in February 2018, the Mainstream Training Pack is aimed at teachers, SENCos and TAs in mainstream or special schools and settings who may be new to working with pupils with sensory impairment.

The purpose of the Mainstream Training Pack is to improve the confidence and basic skills of mainstream or special school staff who are working with children and young people with a sensory impairment.  The pack does not replace the advice and support your local sensory support team will provide, but aims to provide a clear place to start.

In addition to your local specialist sensory support team being your first port of call, it is vital you speak to the young people involved in order to find out what they find most useful and supportive. The pack aims to provide a useful quick reference checklist and guide ito help you check some of the basics.

The pack contains the following suite of documents:

The documents in the pack are available now, and can be downloaded from the folder Mainstream Training Pack section of the Document Library.