Looking for the NatSIP Exam Access Guide?

The April 2022 Edition of Ensuring equal access to public examinations for candidates with sensory impairment can be found   folder here in the NatSIP Document Library.

To improve outcomes for children and young people with VI, RNIB, Ofqual, JCQ and individual exam boards have been working together to improve the availability of past papers for 14+ exams in accessible formats, including braille.

Updated information on sourcing past papers can be found on the RNIB website under the heading Modified past papers:

Access to exams and tests | RNIB

Students are to benefit from updated Ofqual guidance on how to make exams and other assessments as accessible as possible to all. 

The new guidance was published on 12 May, following a 12-week consultation, in which there was strong support from respondents, students and their representatives, including those with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND):



The 2021/22 JCQ regulations have been published and uploaded to the JCQ website. The document may be accessed via the BATOD website here:


Ofqual (the exams regulator) have published a student guide to the awarding of qualifications and appeals processes this summer in England. There is also a BSL version and easy-read too.

Today we have published alternative formats of the student guide: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/student-guide-to-awarding-summer-2021

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NDCS also has its own, more summarised guidance for professionals here: https://www.ndcs.org.uk/blog/exams-coronavirus-info-for-professionals-supporting-deaf-young-people/

In exceptional circumstances an awarding body will produce modified versions of the sets of questions when approached by a centre and following a conversation with the centre.  The complexity of the subject will be another determining factor.

Below is a link to a JCQ document which provides guidance on the assessment arrangements this summer -


Recent Ofqual letter about regrading assessments for formal and vocational qualifications:


NatSIP has today (17 September 2020) published an updated version of the document Ensuring equal access to public examinations for candidates with sensory impairment.

The updated version is available in the document library.

Available document:

Caireen Sutherland (RNIB) and Paul Simpson (BATOD) have been representing the SI sector at recent Ofqual meetings.

A link to the recently published guidance is here: