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The  NatSIP sector learning event on Ofsted inspections for specialist schools took place on 20 November in London.

Presentations from national speakers in the mornng were given by Mary Rayner (Ofsted), Helen Humphreys (SC HMI) and Claire Dorer (NASS) and Lucy Leith (Knightsfield School) led the group discussion session in the afternoon. It was evaluated as a very successful and high-quality day.

One delgate said: 'the smaller numbers today allowed for a lot of useful interaction and exchange of ideas which was thought provoking' and also described the venue as 'superb'.

The agenda and presentations from the day are available folder here (registration/login required).

An article from Parent Herald:


Longitudinal research shows benefits of early identification and support for children with a hearing loss


NatSIP's quarterly grant KPI report to the DfE for Q2 (July-September 2015) is now available for download pdf here . (Registration/login required).

Positive Eye is taking part in an Erasmus+ European project with partners from five other countries over the next two years. The project is entitled ‘TeachCVI’ and (very briefly) is looking at screening tools for Cerebral Visual Impairment, assessment of vision and access to literacy. The project partners from Sweden, Ireland, Iceland, Scotland and Belgium include a child neurologist, a paediatrician, special educators, low vision therapists and Teachers of VI.

One of Positive Eye’s responsibilities is to disseminate the results and outputs from the project across the UK with as many practitioners working with children with cerebral visual impairments as possible. Dissemination will be ongoing throughout the project with an opportunity to attend a one day training at the end of the period, where an educational resource of materials prepared and developed during the project will be shared.

VI services who may appreciate the opportunity to participate should contact Gwyn McCormack: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.