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New NatSIP Documents and Papers Launched on 4 February 2015

At the NatSIP Working Day on 4 February 2105, Lindsey Rousseau launched a number of new NatSIP resources and papers:

  1. Following the recent Mental Capacity Act 2005 training sessions, Jane Sinson has produced a Guidance Booklet aimed at parents of young people who may be subject to mental capacity assessments under the Act.  This booklet complements the existing NatSIP Capacity Assessment Guidance and Capcity Asssessment Recording Form
  2. NatSIP Post 16 Workstream (WS7) has produced a new report:  Effective practice in transition and provision for young people ages 16-25 with SI: Guidance for Practitioners
  3. An MSI working group, part of the BSL Coalition has produced a briefing paper on Tactile Signing
  4. The MSI workforce development workstream (WS6c) has produced a new report The future learning and development needs for Intervenors
  5. NDCS and NatSIP under the Workforce Development workstream have produced a report NDCS NatSIP Qualiity Standards Resource Provisions and also a Self Evaluation Tool

To download any of these resources, you will need to be registered and logged on to the NatSIP Website.

As with all NatSIP documents and papers, these have been produced with partners who are both subject experts and active practitioners in the SI sector. 

Sense, as part of their VCS grant work with DfE, also launched their Transition Project Pack at NatSIP yesterday. You can find more details on the Sense Website


Presentations from the NatSIP Working Day on 4 February 2015

Thanks to all who joined us in London for our 18th National Working Day on Wednesday 4 February 2015.  We're grateful for your participation in the day and especially in the working groups, which are one of the great strengths of NatSIP.

If you weren't able to join us, the presentations from the day are now available here.  The available presentations are 'as given' and may be updates of the versions found in the delegate packs.

Individual presentations from the day included:

(You will need to be registered and logged in to the website to download these resources).

Key facts about vision impairment in children and young people

Vision2020UK CYP Social research group have published sight loss statistics in children and young people.

A summary of the Key Facts can be read below and the full document, with references, can be accessed here (once logged on in the website):Sight loss Statistics for CYP


Language Planning in Deaf Education - New Toolkit Launched

NatSIP has today published a new set of documents on  language planning guidance for teachers in the format of a tool kit and appendices. more...

Consultation events about the Mandatory Qualification (MQ)

NatSIP is working with NCTL and DfE in taking forward the Mandatory Qualification for delivery in the future.

This work will be best served through as many stakeholders as possible contributing to a consultation phase.

The National College for Teaching and Leadership (NCTL) has sent details of the dates for events and a way to participate through a webinar as well as through written submissions.

The information can be accessed through the links for the consultation, and the MQ webpage;

·         MQ consultation: https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/mandatory-qualification-specialist-teachers

·         MQ webpage: https://www.gov.uk/mandatory-qualifications-specialist-teachers

This is an important consultation. Please bring it to the attention of any other interested colleagues.

South West Every Deaf Child Matters Conference report

The report of the South West Every Deaf Child Matters (SWEDCM) 2014 conference has been published and can be downloaded here (once logged on to the website): SW EDCM 2014 Conference Report

The 2015 conference will take place on Tuesday 7th July in Exeter

Benchmarking Participants

Help us exceed our target of 94 LAs participating in this year's benchmarking by 28 February 2015
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