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This website offers access to a wealth of SI resources, most of which are behind a ‘login wall’;  you need to be registered on the site and logged in before you can access them.  We ask you to register, not because we are checking up on anyone, but because we need to show to the DfE and other organisations supporting NatSIP that our resources are being used in the SI community.

Registration is free, and open to anyone.  A walkthrough/howto document on the registration process is available here.

Mandatory Qualification - publication following consultation events

The Government response to the MQ consultation was published this afternoon – please see the link below.


HoSS event - 30 June 2015, Birmingham - Save the date...

We are pleased to anounce that booking for the HoSS event 2015 will take place on 30 June 2015, at the Muirhead Tower on the campus of the University of Birmingham so please save the date! 

You can download a flyer about the day and a booking form and agenda will be circulated soon. 

Early-bird bookings received before 5 May 2015 will pay a lower delegate rate.


NatSIP Working Day - 4 June 2015 - Booking now open

We are pleased to announce that booking for the forthcoming NatSIP Working Day on Thursday 4 June 2015 is now open.

The day will be held at Hamilton House in London, and will  focus on Quality Improvement for Sensory Impairment.

We are pleased to welcome Charlie Henry (Ofsted) and Christine Lenehan (CDC) as keynote speakers, who will talk about the Local Area Inspection Framework and CYP Health Framework Outcomes.

Brian Lamb will set the context for Sensory Impairment, and we will also be able to update you on the successful NatSIP bid to DfE for grant funding for 2015-16.

Once you have registered and logged in to this site, you can access more information about the day in this flyer, an agenda for the day, and a booking form which you can complete and email back to us.

We look foward to seeing you.

Update on Disabled Students Allowance (DSA)

The Department for Business Innovation and Skills have announced that they will be postponing some of their planned changes to Disabled Students Allowance. This was in advance of a Judicial Review which the High Court would have heard in April. The Judicial Review was initiated by deaf young person, Zanna, a member of the NDCS Young People’s Advisory Board, with support from NDCS.

The BIS announcement can be found here: http://www.practitioners.slc.co.uk/products/disabled-students'-allowances/dsas-updates-for-practitioners.aspx

A news article on it can be found at: http://limpingchicken.com/2015/03/12/deaf-news-victory-for-deaf-student-backed-by-ndcs-as-government-backs-down-on-cuts-to-disabled-students-allowance/

New NatSIP Documents and Papers Launched on 4 February 2015

At the NatSIP Working Day on 4 February 2105, Lindsey Rousseau launched a number of new NatSIP resources and papers:

  1. Following the recent Mental Capacity Act 2005 training sessions, Jane Sinson has produced a Guidance Booklet aimed at parents of young people who may be subject to mental capacity assessments under the Act.  This booklet complements the existing NatSIP Capacity Assessment Guidance and Capcity Asssessment Recording Form
  2. NatSIP Post 16 Workstream (WS7) has produced a new report:  Effective practice in transition and provision for young people ages 16-25 with SI: Guidance for Practitioners
  3. An MSI working group, part of the BSL Coalition has produced a briefing paper on Tactile Signing
  4. The MSI workforce development workstream (WS6c) has produced a new report The future learning and development needs for Intervenors
  5. NDCS and NatSIP under the Workforce Development workstream have produced a report NDCS NatSIP Qualiity Standards Resource Provisions and also a Self Evaluation Tool

To download any of these resources, you will need to be registered and logged on to the NatSIP Website.

As with all NatSIP documents and papers, these have been produced with partners who are both subject experts and active practitioners in the SI sector. 

Sense, as part of their VCS grant work with DfE, also launched their Transition Project Pack at NatSIP yesterday. You can find more details on the Sense Website


Presentations from the NatSIP Working Day on 4 February 2015

Thanks to all who joined us in London for our 18th National Working Day on Wednesday 4 February 2015.  We're grateful for your participation in the day and especially in the working groups, which are one of the great strengths of NatSIP.

If you weren't able to join us, the presentations from the day are now available here.  The available presentations are 'as given' and may be updates of the versions found in the delegate packs.

Individual presentations from the day included:

(You will need to be registered and logged in to the website to download these resources).

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