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An exciting new booklet ‘Listening to Learn’ is available from the Ewing Foundation website: https://ewing-foundation.org.uk/listening-to-learn/

Listening to Learn is an e-booklet which is succinct and contains just the key information needed for busy people involved in the education of deaf children.

  • It explains what glue ear is and how it can make listening hard work and tiring.
  • It outlines the simple steps that can be taken to help children to hear at school. 
  • It provides information about improving the listening environment.

The information in the 'Listening to Learn' has been read by leading professionals in the field including Dr. Tamsin Brown, a paediatrician in Cambridge, specialising in children with hearing loss. Her work has focused on improving care from children with temporary hearing loss due to glue ear and she has written a number of research papers in this field. A parent who has a school age child with glue ear has been consulted in the development of this booklet and experienced audiologists have checked the document.

Pella Erskine-Tulloch, an experienced paediatric audiologist at the Children’s Hearing Centre in Bristol, identified the need for this booklet. She felt that they didn’t have anything to pass to the many families of children identified with a hearing loss caused by glue ear who are about to start school or are already at school. It is hoped that this leaflet with find its way to schools either via the family from paediatric audiology or via QToDs in Sensory Support Services.