The role of the NatSIP reference group is to offer guidance and act as a critical friend to the members of the NatSIP working groups and to support and promote their objectives and outcomes by working collaboratively as a strategic group.

Terms of Reference include:

  1. The NatSIP reference group will oversee the development of the NatSIP workstreams through the reporting of the project board, which will meet at least once each term (three times a year).
  2. In addition members of the Reference Group will engage in the work of:

a) future strategic planning for the NatSIP

b) reporting to DFE on progress towards agreed objectives

3. Alongside these workstreams and groups the Reference Group will consider and approve the progression and development of other SI projects and associated working groups supporting improved outcomes for children and young people with SI.

4. Reference Group representation comes from NatSIP affiliated organisations in the major SI voluntary organisations, LA SI support services, specialist schools,and the professional bodies BATOD and VIEW who will all agree to work together to improve outcomes for children, young people with sensory impairment and their families.

Reference Group Membership:

The list of NatSIP Reference group members (and other NatSIP contacts) can be found here.