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Katy Mitchell (Ewing Foundation) and Jennifer Royds (parent of a child with glue ear) are delighted to introduce Glue Ear Together (GET)

Working together with families, education and health, we aim to provide clear, up-to-date information that promotes positive outcomes for children with glue ear.

The Glue Ear Together website (www.glueeartogether.org.uk), developed with funding from the Ovingdean Hall Foundation, provides clear information about the cause of glue ear, common signs and symptoms, impacts on development, and interventions recommended by the National Institute of Clinical Excellence. 

We’ve already have had a fantastically positive response to our ‘Help me hear’ - ways to support a child with glue ear’  page, which contains clear information about the simple steps that can be taken to help a young child to hear.

We are driven by our belief that by empowering parents and early years practitioners with information about the impact that glue ear can have on wellbeing, they will have the confidence to take action to help.

Our aim is that the GET website will be a key resource for clinicians to signpost families to, promoting understanding of what was discussed in their child’s appointment.  For professionals such as Teachers of the Deaf, Speech and Language Therapists and Health Visitors, we hope it will prove a useful resource for supporting families . We are very pleased that our website was approved for featuring in the ‘Information for the public’ section of the new NICE guidelines for Otitis media with effusion in under 12s.

Please visit our website and consider how you can share it with families.  We aim to develop factsheets on various topics in the future, and this will be done in partnership with leading professionals in the field and guided by parental involvement.  Your thoughts, ideas and suggestions for further development are very much welcomed.