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Following an NHS England audit of children’s audiology services which revealed significant quality and safety problems in some trusts, NHS England has developed an improvement programme, which all Integrated Care Boards (ICBs) have been asked to implement immediately.

The NDCS briefing has been developed to support CHSWGs in any discussions on the improvement programme that may be taking place in their local areas. It is intended for those outside of audiology, and who may be less familiar with the improvement programme and the role of ICBs. It includes some suggested questions for discussion that CHSWGs may wish to raise, as appropriate, as a starting point for discussion and further exploration.

The briefing can be accessed by going to this link: https://www.ndcs.org.uk/media/8972/2023-10-briefing-for-chswgs-national-paediatric-hearing-services-improvement-programme.pdf