Quality Standards (QS) for support services were published by NatSIP in 2009.

The NatSIP Quality Improvement support pack for SI services, based on the QS, was launched at the NatSIP East working day on 28 April 2014. That publication followed a review of the Quality Standards and Assessments used over time by colleagues in SI services and included contributions from NatSIP partners at 5 regional workshops and 3 consultative meetings. 

Since then there have been many changes in education policy and inspection frameworks (Ofsted and CQC) have widened to include arrangements for identifying and meeting the needs of CYP with SEND in local areas.

This NatSIP workstream has updated the existing NatSIP Quality Standards to address the new legislation to date (June 2016). The publication can be found pdf here in the document library.  (Registration/login required)

In addtion, we have revised NatSIP's Quality Improvement Pack to match the new version of the Quality Standards Doc.  The new version of the QI Pack can be found folder here in the document libray (registration/login required).


NDCS and NatSIP launched Quality Standards for Resource Provisions at the NatSIP working day on 4th February 2015.The final pdf is available to download here (once logged on to the website) pdf NDCS NatSIP Qualiity Standards Resource Provisions

along with an accompanying self evaluation tool document NDCS NatSIP Quality Standards Resource Provisions self evaluation tool

Hard copies will be available from NDCS website towards the end of February. NDCS has arranged that every resource provision for deaf children, that they are aware of, will be sent a copy of the QS. A Welsh version is also being produced.