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The NatSIP website offers access to a wealth of SI resources, most of which are freely available.  We encourage you to register on the site for full access to eveything we have to offer. 

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Are you a front-line staff member looking for resources to use with children and young people with sensory impairment in your class or setting?

Check out what's available in the Sensory Learning Hub - over 300 resources for SI.



New to working with a pupil with sensory impairment?

Or need a quick refresher?

Be sure to check out the   pdf A place to start - Top 10 Tips document, one of the many resources for front-line staff in the NatSIP Sensory Learning Hub.



Are you looking for the NatSIP Eligibility Framework Documents?

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From 1st April 2017 NatSIP is contracted, as strategic delivery partner for DfE, to achieve objectives agreed within the contract variation 2019 -18. As always this work is undertaken with SI partners in the sector and, in addition, NatSIP work goes on outside the contractual obligations to DfE, where a shared activity has been identified which will improve the outcomes for children and young people with SI. Proposals for new initiatives are always considered by the NatSIP Reference group.

Details of the activities for the work with DfE and colleagues who are leading and coordinating the workstreams during 2017 - 18 follow. There are two aspects to the contract. The first objective is to enhance the capacity and knowledge base of the front line workforce and the second is to develop the capacity of the SI sector.

 If you are interested in details of the work and how you can contribute, please contact the named workstream leads below.


Objective 1: To enhance the capacity and knowledge base of the front line workforce

1.1 The NatSIP website

Developments will include:
• Enhancements to the Sensory Learning Hub
• Development of What Works guides, including Technology
• Find a specialist - directory of where to find specialist advice
• Training calendar with links to both face to face training and webinars/ online courses
• A way to link to the website to provide simplified to do tips

Lead NatSIP colleagues: Steve Rose, Steve J, Brian Gale

1.2 OnLine Training courses in SI

Continuing the delivery of HI, MSI and VI courses and developing post - 16 training courses

Lead OLT colleagues working with NatSIP: Hugh Clench, Jacqui Webber-Gant

1.3 Training and support materials for SENCOs

Promoting best practice and knowledge through SENCO networks

Lead NatSIP colleagues: Lindsey Rousseau and Bev Mars

1.4 Develop a mainstream training pack in SI

Supporting greater use of sensory support services and growing expertise in the mainstream workforce

Lead NatSIP colleagues: Lindsey Rousseau, Nicky Ereaut, Heads of SI services, BATOD, NDCS, Positive Eye, VIEW

1.5 'Dangerous Decibels'

Promote the work being done by NHS England and Public Health England to create an awareness of the importance of hearing well and understanding the challenges faced by children who need additional support to hear

Lead NatSIP colleagues:Lindsey Rousseau, Ewing Foundation (Joyce Sewell-Rutter), SI services

1.6 Technology

Develop and deliver training about easy to use technology for mainstream schools and colleges

Lead NatSIP colleagues: Caireen Sutherland, Ewing Foundation

1.7 NatSIP 2day training courses for HI, MSI and VI Teaching Assistants

Lead NatSIP colleagues, who will deliver the training with Local Authority colleagues: Tina Wakefield (HI), Bev Mars (MSI), Rory Cobb (VI)

1.8 Examination access

Developing an online resource

Lead NatSIP colleagues: Rory Cobb and Paul Simpson

1.9 16 -25 years

Ensuring that there is a coherent offer post 16 and post 19 especially around apprenticeships

Lead NatSIP colleagues: Martin McLean, Jude Thompson

 Objective 2: To develop the capacity of the specialist SI sector

2.1 Strengthen the Sensory Learning Hub for SI professionals

Developments will include:

  • CPD area/log
  • Training calendar
  • Development of specialist sections

Lead NatSIP colleagues: Steve Rose, Steve J, Jackie Salter

2.2 Training SI leaders for the future

Lead NatSIP colleagues: Brian Lamb, Niki Elliot, NDCS

2.3 An evidence base of progress for CYP with MSI

Lead NatSIP colleague: Heather Murdoch

2.4 A Framework for the support and delpoyment of CSWs (Communication Support Workers)

Lead NatSIP colleague: Martin McLean

2.5 16- 25yrs

Events for parents and professionals about Education, Health and Care plans for SI YP 16 to 25 years

Lead NatSIP colleagues: NDCS, Jane Sinson, Jude Thompson

2.6 Outcomes benchmarking

Support to transition the outcomes benchmarking to CRIDE/NatSIP/UCL/City longitudinal study and to look at the development of VI and MSI benchmarking

Lead NatSIP colleagus: Bob Denman, Nicky Ereaut

2.7 Language development for deaf children in the early years

Seminar events based on what we know from recent research

Lead NatSIP colleague: Sarah Collinson (NDCS)

2.9 MSI leaders group

A working group to address and share MSI and LISEND solutions in response to the sector

Lead NatSIP colleague: Mark Geraghty