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This website offers access to a wealth of SI resources, most of which are behind a login wall: you need to be registered on the site and logged in before you can access them.

Also, you can't use (or see) the site search until you have logged in.

We ask you to register not because we are checking up on anyone, but because we need to show to the DfE and other organisations supporting NatSIP that our resources are being used in the SI community.

Registration is free, and open to anyone.  A walkthrough/howto on the registration process is here.

The NatSIP Reference Group's report to the DfE on work carried out in the fourth quarter (January to March 2017) for the contract for 2016-17 has now been published and can be downloaded pdf here .  (You need to register and be logged in to the NatSIP website before clicking on this link).