On 27th January 2017 the government published a Disabled Student Sector Leadership Group report on how HE providers can ensure that they are equipped to support disabled students.

The report can be accessed through this link: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/inclusive-teaching-and-learning-in-higher-education

Details about the government Access to Work scheme can be found through this link:


A new briefing note on Transitions to University for young people with VI is now available. 

Developed by Workstream 2D.3, with colleagues at RNIB, Birmingham University and young students with VI at universities this briefing note signposts more resources for young people with VI who are moving to University.

The briefing note is available pdf here in the document library (login/registration required).

The NatSIP workstream with a focus on deaf young people moving on from school to the next stage of their lives (workstream 2D.2)  has published a new booklet:

Supporting deaf young people through transition

The booklet has been produced, through co-production with young people, by the NDCS with support from NatSIP and the DfE

It is available pdf here in the document library (login/registration required).