The Heads of Sensory Support Services (HoSS) E-Mail Forum is hosted by the DfE, using Mailman, a web-based mailing list manager.

The HoSS mailing list forum is open to Heads of VI, HI and MSI Support Services, and others with management responsibilities in this aspect of specialist work. The purpose of the forum is to share ideas and information.

Moderation of the HoSS forum sits with NatSIP.

As at 1st October 2017, there are currently 297 members on the forum and many have participated in discussions.  Messages posted (via email) are automatically sent to all members, either as individual messages, or as a daily 'digest' - a single message containing all the postings for the day.  (You can choose digest or normal when you subscribe).

The value of the forum lies in the ease with which individual Heads of Service can ask questions about working practice, developments in the field etc., and share information and experience. This is something that we have generally been good at as a strong professional group over the years and which, in times of increasing change, is especially important and helpful.  The HoSS Forum is well used. It is not intended to advertise job vacancies or commercial opportunities and it would be appreciated if this use could be avoided.

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Please continue to use the HOSS Forum and help to maintain it as a lively and useful vehicle for interchange of ideas and information